Sunday, 29 December 2013

Spring Bloggers meet up

I have had a message from one of the former Colonies letting me know one of our ""hub"" bloggers is in the UK in the spring he was so impressed with all the piss taking  intellectual conversation good honest fun that was seen at Blogcon so had asked about the chance of a meet up. At the moment we do not have firm dates but we are looking at end of April start of May 2014.
I am not looking at a huge event more of a social gathering with a chance to set up a game or two, I was looking at a few options that would involve accommodation with space to play either a rented weekend cottage or a travel lodge with conference room, as for location we are looking around the M1 corridor (I know this is even further south than Blogcon for you up north) but with the option of accommodation I think it could be worth a trip down (don't forget your passport ). My early idea would be for those that have a bit of travel to do to stay where ever we end up while local bloggers can come up for a day and join the fun.
It we look at the cottage option it would be booked Fri/Sat/Sun and cost up to £80 (without food/drink) or a travel lodge would be about £40/night would haev to enquire how much a confrence room would be. Game wise we would be looking at stuff like Dave's Blazing Dice (he has already offered).
anyway anyone who would be interested in a spring meet up let me know plus let me know if you would be looking for stay over or day trip ( I will be looking at places within 2-3 hour of London)

Peace James

Thursday, 14 November 2013

Poll for next years Date

I have restarted the Poll and added all the Saturdays in October. Dates I know of are as follows 8th Nov Crisis, Derby World 4/5th Oct, SELWG 11/12th Oct (I think)

Sunday, 10 November 2013

Fun Weekend and plans for 2014

I am just going to pop up this quick post to say a big thank you to all who attended the first Blog-Con, I think it was a great start to what will become a great annual event.
I want to say how great Foundry were in hosting the event and keeping us all supplied with tea coffee and food. Also a huge thank you to all who hosted a game at the event without you the event would be dead in the water.
Before I upload a few pictures I wanted to direct you to the poll on the top right of the blog, after talking to people over the weekend I can concluded the most important thing we learned was that Ray's snoring keeps Fran awake sorry wrong Loki dislikes morris dancers sorry again wrong post. No the Blog-Con will return in 2014 but with a few changes, we will only do one day the Saturday but will extend the event into a social evening at a local Pub/Eatery, to which end I have asked which Saturday would fit best with you guys, I want to stick to this time of year as I feel it ends the show season well. Once I know the favoured day I will contact Foundry and make the booking.
I think maybe the biggest hit of the weekend Dave's table and game

Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Painting @ Blog-Con

So with only a few days left till the event I wanted to share what we are offering as painting tips at blog-con I have told you before how I am very happy to say Andres is joining us for Saturday below is a quote from him on what he will be offering on the day.
""I'll explain about painting patterns on clothes, and things like that. And I'll be happy to answer any other questions about painting (if I know the answer :-) ) ""

For my part I plan to show you my two different face/flesh painting techniques, I will not be at the desk all day I plan to do an hour at 12 (you can watch while having a spot of lunch) and 3.
below are the two styles I will show.
four layers of paint over a black undercoat

Five layers including a wash over a black undercoat
 You may not believe me till you see with your own eyes but the first one takes as little as five min and the second is only longer due to the wash needing to dry.
Looking forward to seeing as many of you as can make it.
Peace James

Monday, 4 November 2013

Directions To Blog-Con From The Victoria Centre

For all the bloggers and friends going to Blog Con but leaving the car away from Foundry. It struck me that a fair amount of us may want to park at one of the many Park and Ride locations. The tram locations have great service with Trams running from 6am till midnight Saturday and 11PM Sunday so would be perfect to park at as it's free to park and about £3.50 for a return ticket. Two adults can have a return for £5.

The best bet if you do this or come via the train or bus is head for the Victoria Shopping Centre (the main bus station is at the Vic Centre as us locals call it). 

To follow these directions you need to leave the Vic Centre from the ground level passing Ernest Jones Jewellers and it's less than a five minute walk. 

The exit is a longish corridor. Ernest Jones was on your left hand side. You can see a white building through the doors.

Follow the path from the entrance towards the road and the crossing. When you cross the road go past the white painted cafe and follow the path round towards the main road.

The path as you can see is nice and wide. You will see an Aldi food-store on the opposite side of the main road. 

Close up of the view of Aldi you are aiming for. Cross the road and turn to the right and down the hill.

You will see a pub called The Forrester, you will need to try and walk past this!

on the opposite side of the road is an Halfords, directly opposite this is the side street you need to go down. It's called St MARKS St. and this is where Foundry are based.

Go down the side street and next to a tyre garage is the Foundry building and all the fun you could wish for.

Saturday, 2 November 2013

Seven little Days.....

I'm not excited really......
Ok maybe a little....

I have also ordered my Birthday Present from my Wife, Zombicide
I will be bringing that along to break open on the weekend.



Thursday, 31 October 2013

More Help yourself Games

I have been a busy boy sorting out a few more games that I will set up and anyone who wants a try is happy to play. I will also be looking to try a few games myself on the Sunday.
So first up I remembered that Dad and I still have our Nercomunda stuff and as one of GW's best games I could not pass up the chance to bring it along
Next up a couple of Warlord Games rule sets that I have not had chance to play yet but actually have figures for.
Pike and Shot, I will be bringing along my ECW army which is big enough to split into two small forces.

And lastly Hail Caesar which I have heard good things about, again I have one huge army of Celts which I will split into two big forces for a civil (or uncivil if Ray and Fran get on it) war.


Saturday, 26 October 2013

Einar Olafson Painting Demo

So with only two weeks left I am still working on people to help out and I am very pleased to say that we have a second painting Demo this time from the fantastic Andres of Einar Olafson Painting. I will let you know what he will be sharing with us as soon as we have nailed down the details.

for my part I am doing two demos first a basic face painting demo and later an intermediate level face painting demo

Saturday, 19 October 2013

Blog-Con Bar and Hot-dogs

It was not something I was going to go for (as I am tea total) but via Facebook Diane and Bryan Ansell asked if we wanted a Bar at the Blog-Con weekend. By all reports the bar was well received at the Oldhammer weekend and with Diane and Bryan offering to cover any costs for a licence I accepted the kind offer.
So for the weekend their will now be a licenced bar and hot-dogs available.(below pictures from the Foundry website of the Oldhammer weekend)
The Bar and Staff that worked over the Oldhammer weekend.

Foundry's own Bouncers
(actually this is Bryan and Robert)

Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Help yourself Games?

I am in the last few mad weeks of planning for Blog-Con and while I am overwhelmed by the amount of you who have stepped up to run games over the weekend I feel I can do a little more. I have two starter sets for X-wings and will have enough Ronin for two starter gangs (I may even dig out a few more old games I have). If I were to set up starter games for various systems (as we have the space) with all the information needed to play on a handout sheet (with quick ref sheets for game mechanics). Would you guys be interested enough to try them out? just grab a passing blogger or bring a friend and try out a new game.
And for your Information a list of the games being run over the weekend:
Musket & Tomahawk
The Man with no Name Challenge (Cowboys)
Chain of Command
WFB 3rd ED

Maybe if anyone else attending has smallish games like X-wing they would bring them along and we can set them up.

Peace James


Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Blog-Con shopping list's

Just a quick post to offer a suggestion, as you all know Blog-con is at the Wargames Foundry shop and I am sure that over the weekend one of two might be hit with a bit of shinyitis so I have a quick suggestion.
Foundry has the following Army deal offers




As you can see the more of one range you buy the better the price. So what I think you should do is find out if anyone else wants figures from the range you want and club together to get the best discount if 4 of you wanted some darkest Africa club together and buy 4 packs each then between you you can select 6 packs free. Or if you are looking to bulk out units with rank figures two of you can get 4 identical pack and pay for a pack and half each.
All it takes is a bit of pre-planning and even those of you who cant make it can get in on the act just work with some one who is attending.

Happy Shopping

Maybe if you are thinking of a range comment on this post to see who else is interested.

Friday, 11 October 2013

Four weeks to go

So it all goes down four weeks tomorrow I took a few pictures of the Foundry when I was there last month including a shot of the outside so you know what to look for (remember it is a factory shop). A warning from the Staff they have had a few cars broken into in front of the foundry so if you are staying for the day I suggest you use elsewhere.

Saturday, 14 September 2013

Mr Roundwood would like some assistance.

Hi folks, this is just a short post I have received a request From Sidney Roundwood asking if any body is travelling up to the event via North London by car and could offer him a lift in exchange for some petrol money.

If so please contact him via his Google+ profile or post a message on this post and I am sure contact can be made.

Thank you for your time folks

Thursday, 12 September 2013

The Oldhammers get involved

I had some great news this week the boys from the Oldhammer movement who had a fantastic weekend at Foundry at the end of last month are coming back for seconds.
I got the following message from WarlordPaul

""Hi all! I have organised a small group of Oldhammerers to come to the Saturday of Blog-Con. We would like to run a participation game of Warhammer 3rd edition if that's OK""

Is it OK....hell yes I was so gutted that I double booked the Oldhammer weekend as I was so looking forward to meeting the guys, now I can do so anyway.
image from Foundry Arenas Facebook page.

The Oldhammer boys had a few special guests at there weekend which is some thing I am thinking about for future Blog-Con's

Saturday, 7 September 2013

James making a mess :)

I was playing around with Google plus last night and set up an event for Blog-Con but when it came up it was the same as the FB page from Foundry. I did not see a need for two sign up lists so canceled it.
Fran just sent me a meassage to say he had a message that Blog-Con was canceled.

Blog-Con is still on ignore any message from Google+


Monday, 2 September 2013

Please Spread the word on Facebook

Wargames Foundry have set up a Facebook page for events there, if you are on FB pop along and like the page.

Then on the page is our event so if you will be attending indicate on there for us and share with all your friends.

Friday, 30 August 2013

Exiles Table Top face painting workshop

Well I have out together 5 participation games for the Saturday and another one added for the Sunday it was time to turn to some workshop/demos.
We already have Loki, who I hope you all know by now runs the excellent Terra Firma Studios doing a workshop. Having spoken to him about it I think he is leaning towards tips and skills to make your figure base's pop. This gave me an idea as I am a firm believer that to create a stunning wargames army you have to put extra effort into two areas the face and the base. As we have Loki helping you with the bases I am happy to announce that one of the fine painters from Viking Studio is going to do a work shop on easy table top face painting.
If you are not aware that fine painter is me (I know how modest am I).