Saturday, 29 June 2013

Blog-Con Committee?

Now I have the venue sorted I have ideas flooding my head... this has led to some very poor sleep. I can already see this idea has gained wings and I hope this year will see the start of a great annual event.

I think to ensure this happens I need to look to share (read get help) the roles around, I know Loki is jumping up and down with his hand in the air shouting "me Sir" but as he is already busy building the BforC terrain and coordinating the painters I think his plate is full. I am therefore looking for a few bloggers to step up and help organising Blog-Con 2013.
I will continue as CO but am looking for two 2IC's I have several ideas which I will share with the committee and see which are feasible. I would also like some regional officers going forward but that may be something for next year.
Can I ask anyone interested in joining me at the start of what I hope will be a rewarding journey drop me an email at exilespainting<at> let me know a little about your self and what skills you can offer to the role.



  1. No jumping up and down for me thats on the list of banned things :(, but I agree I am far to busy at present to help this year

  2. I be on the doorstep, so I guess I have to help ;-)