Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Gimp Report #1

OK a little latter than planned but here we have the result of the first reconnaissance. I will deal with the actual location first. The foundry playing area floor space is fairly large, enough space to get a lot of gamers into. At the moment they have four large pre-set up tables that would be of limited use to most games given the inability to change any of the pieces around. For a one off game though they would be fine, especially for skirmish style games. 

2 x 3D sculpted tables, things of beauty for sure.
They are however in the process of making a large number of 6' by 4' tables that are designed to be placed side by side and will fill up the middle area. These are to be ready for a Old Hammer tournament  to be held before our Blog-Con so we will have more than enough tables to go round. Not only will tables be provided but also the generic terrain that is required for the club wargamer. Quite a commitment by Foundry.

To the right another pair of rather spiffing tables for your viewing pleasure.
So I am very confident that all the boxes will be ticked regards playing space and well everything except the figures, you will still need to bring those yourself.

James is keen to have a seated area for all the bloggers to be able to take time out for a natter, this again can be provided as they have plenty of seats, a place to put them has yet to be decided but space is not an issue, just which space remains to be finalised.

Look at all those racks, thousands and thousands of figures and all waiting for you!
Foundry is a working factory and obviously also a shop, this means it will not be a closed event, no one would I am sure want to turn away paying customers, indeed it would be a bonus if each and every on the day customer got involved and maybe one or two bloggers were made over the weekend.

The factory side of things is all away behind doors so no worries about that spilling over but it may be possible to arrange a tour of the factory to see how the magic of figure making is actually done. This would be a great addition to your weekend I can assure you.

Obviously whilst we have no traders over the weekend you can buy from Foundry, we have an agreement with the owners that no significant other will be notified about any expenditure which is mighty good of them  ;-)

Space will also be made available for any workshops that are running such as the Terra Firma Studio terrain making demo. It's possible we will have more but more detail as and when they get confirmed. 

We have access to tea and coffee on site but for more substance you need to walk at least 100 yards from the venue. I know, I know but such are the deprivations of a man on campaign. The closest supply dump being a pub on the corner. Then it's a rather nice Chinese restaurant come take away and then er Aldi. Not that it stops there, the Victoria Shopping Centre is less than five minutes away and will serve up a good mix of food options and the Golden Archers is just beyond that.

I will write about such things as Other things to do in Nottingham when your dead and Historic bits and bobs etc. Till then it's back to the painting desk.

Friday, 19 July 2013

Road Trip? by the Blog Con Gimp

Yahoo I am setting out for my first trip to Blog-Con in the morning, .......What do you mean I'm too early? No really I am going and it's just for you. The poor wife and kids think we are nipping over for the food fair but I have a cunning plan.

I realise that for most of us this event is a long way off and in almost every way they are right. I mean look at the counter, it's still over 100 days away and that's a lot of days. Err unless your Napoleon for one, believe me when I say it will be here before you know it. It's just over six weeks till the kids are back at school (45 odd days) that's almost cut the wait in half on it's own. Then The Worlds will be on us, that's September dealt with and no one remembers October so as soon as you have stopped having to put up with fireworks, put your gate back on at the end of the drive 'cos you don't even know what candy is it will  be a made scramble to get enough brownie points to get a pass out for the Bog One. So my advice is start grovelling now, it's never to early, just remember to have the pass written out just requiring a signature. I know Posties Rejects are hard at it already.

Of course you could bring the love of your life along, but if they can't make it I suggest the wife. Nottingham has a lot to offer and that's one of the reasons for the trip, I want to get a better idea of exactly how far it is to the city centre and all the obvious things like on site parking and ease of finding Foundry HQ.

Nottingham has a fair priced park and ride with a fair few parking locations so you can take the tram in leaving you car at one of the many car parks. Not that Nottingham just has shops to entertain, it has a few places on interest and if you do decide to make a weekend of it with your dearest then staying local'ish can be cheap and one day at the Con and one day visiting the area is a good trade off. Visiting the Con for two days is far better though.

So after the recon I hope to supply a few photo's and lots of information that will help you decide that doing THAT job around the house is worth doing after all.

Friday, 12 July 2013

Blog-Con Swap-Shop

I have checked up with our host's and they are find for us to do this. It is a bit of a follow on from the community currency, in that it is chance for you to off load  recycle some of your lead pile. If you have a bit of spare space in your bag bring along some of your less loved lead pile bits and see if anyone else wants them. I guess we could have a table set aside for you to display anything you want to swap (no sales).

Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Mantic Games

I told you before about my plans to have a table full of rules for you to read and review, well I am happy to say if you have ever wanted to check out the Mantic rules systems you will have the chance at Blog-Con. Below is a bit of the email I recieved from James at Mantic.

""Blog-Con is being hosted at Foundry this year huh? Well I'm sure we can send some starter sets and rules for Kings of War, Warpath and DreadBall over to you in preperation for the event - some of us will likely pop over for the weekend too (as it's only down the road from us at Mantic) so maybe we'll see folks playing our games! ""

This is such great news and I hope the start of what will be a great table of product for you to enjoy over the weekend.
If will be great to see some of the guys from Mantic down for the weekend too, I am sure some of you will have great questions to ask them.

Peace James


Friday, 5 July 2013

Question from our Host

So I have been chatting with Marcus ( Foundry Miniatures), we are looking into setting up a tour of the casting room at Foundry, and maybe see figures being cast. Marcus then asked
We were wondering if you had any plans for any sculptors you might have in your bloggers community making a model to commemorate the event.
I do not know if we have any sculpting bloggers but if we do this may be a chance to get a figure cast and have your work seen by Foundry who I know have long term plans to get back into creating new ranges.
Peace James 

Lift offer from Cheshire

So I have added a list of labels to the right one of which will be lifts, this will be for anyone driving in who has space and is happy to offer a lift. You can either drop me a message and get put on the blog as an author or let me know your route and I will post for you. Information you will need to give me would be, which days you are travelling? route you will travel? and how far you are willing to deviate.
Below is my route for both Sat and Sun, I have 2 space's (or three if you like each other) and can deviate by 5-10 mins.


View Larger Map

I have also added a poll to the left please indicate if you are able to attend, this will be us a good indication how may to expect.

Peace  "GI" James

Thursday, 4 July 2013

More information on Games

I thought it would be a good idea to clear up a few things about games for Blog-Con, we want to see anything and everything. Skirmish games will be the easiest to transport and put on but if people want to bring a large game we have the space it could be 6mm, 10mm, 15mm, 28mm, or even 40mm or 54mm if you love the game and are happy to bring it along then go for it. My thoughts for the Sunday was for it to be more of a gaming day as those doing both days will have talked them selves horse on Sat so will want to relax kick back and game on Sunday also those that have a way to travel may want to slope off early.

One game I would love to see played is the X-wing game, would it not be mega cool if anyone who has figures brought them along and we had a mass (and I mean mass, think attack on the death star....dam I've just had another idea) game.
Also do not stop at miniatures games if you have a great board game bring it along, even trading card games.
 A bit of google-fu has found a couple of pictures of the foundry so you can get an idea of the space, I am going on a recce soon so will take pictures of important stuff like nearest eating house and parking, nearest pub.... you get the idea.


Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Your ideas required

As you may have read in an earlier post, I have offered to run a small terrain workshop at Blog con. To make this a true participation event I would like to know what you my fellow bloggers would like from the terrain workshop.

Please post your ideas and suggestions below, so I can try to organise something that you would like to see or have demonstrated.

Thank you

Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Get 3 Coffins ready - First game lined up

I can't miss the opportunity to get the Cowboy collection out on the road once more - and I can''t think of a better audience to share it with. So I will be bringing my Old West cowboys madness along , so if you fancy a turn at gunslinging there will be an opportunity to make you name as a Legend of the West.

Will any of you be able to beat "The Man With No Name".?  Get 3 (or considerably more)  coffins ready..

Now I bet not many of you have used cows as weapons in a game!

You can find the write up of the Man With No Names last outing on  
One Man and His Brushes

Blog-Con review table

Ok guys need your help getting the word out on this one. One of my "bright ideas" is to use the seating area at the con to give you content for your blogs. We all love reading a good review so I have been contacting any company that produces rules sets for wargames and asking if they want to send a demo copy of their rules to Blog-Con. All rules I receive will be placed in the seating area for anyone to have a read, the idea is it should provoke discussion between bloggers and hopefully lead to a few reviews on blogs.
What I need is for you so spread to word to any company or individual that you know who has a rules set they would want to put forward to be reviewed, if you direct them to the blog they can contact any committee member about sending their rules in.
might not be up for review but is linked with our venue!!!


Monday, 1 July 2013

First Workshop onboard

I have the great pleasure to announce that Andrew "Loki" Saunders from  Terra Firma Studios has kindly agree to host a terrain Workshop at Blog-Con. I am sure we will all learn plenty off Loki and I for one am looking forward to seeing what he shows us.