Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Blog-Con review table

Ok guys need your help getting the word out on this one. One of my "bright ideas" is to use the seating area at the con to give you content for your blogs. We all love reading a good review so I have been contacting any company that produces rules sets for wargames and asking if they want to send a demo copy of their rules to Blog-Con. All rules I receive will be placed in the seating area for anyone to have a read, the idea is it should provoke discussion between bloggers and hopefully lead to a few reviews on blogs.
What I need is for you so spread to word to any company or individual that you know who has a rules set they would want to put forward to be reviewed, if you direct them to the blog they can contact any committee member about sending their rules in.
might not be up for review but is linked with our venue!!!


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