Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Gimp Report #1

OK a little latter than planned but here we have the result of the first reconnaissance. I will deal with the actual location first. The foundry playing area floor space is fairly large, enough space to get a lot of gamers into. At the moment they have four large pre-set up tables that would be of limited use to most games given the inability to change any of the pieces around. For a one off game though they would be fine, especially for skirmish style games. 

2 x 3D sculpted tables, things of beauty for sure.
They are however in the process of making a large number of 6' by 4' tables that are designed to be placed side by side and will fill up the middle area. These are to be ready for a Old Hammer tournament  to be held before our Blog-Con so we will have more than enough tables to go round. Not only will tables be provided but also the generic terrain that is required for the club wargamer. Quite a commitment by Foundry.

To the right another pair of rather spiffing tables for your viewing pleasure.
So I am very confident that all the boxes will be ticked regards playing space and well everything except the figures, you will still need to bring those yourself.

James is keen to have a seated area for all the bloggers to be able to take time out for a natter, this again can be provided as they have plenty of seats, a place to put them has yet to be decided but space is not an issue, just which space remains to be finalised.

Look at all those racks, thousands and thousands of figures and all waiting for you!
Foundry is a working factory and obviously also a shop, this means it will not be a closed event, no one would I am sure want to turn away paying customers, indeed it would be a bonus if each and every on the day customer got involved and maybe one or two bloggers were made over the weekend.

The factory side of things is all away behind doors so no worries about that spilling over but it may be possible to arrange a tour of the factory to see how the magic of figure making is actually done. This would be a great addition to your weekend I can assure you.

Obviously whilst we have no traders over the weekend you can buy from Foundry, we have an agreement with the owners that no significant other will be notified about any expenditure which is mighty good of them  ;-)

Space will also be made available for any workshops that are running such as the Terra Firma Studio terrain making demo. It's possible we will have more but more detail as and when they get confirmed. 

We have access to tea and coffee on site but for more substance you need to walk at least 100 yards from the venue. I know, I know but such are the deprivations of a man on campaign. The closest supply dump being a pub on the corner. Then it's a rather nice Chinese restaurant come take away and then er Aldi. Not that it stops there, the Victoria Shopping Centre is less than five minutes away and will serve up a good mix of food options and the Golden Archers is just beyond that.

I will write about such things as Other things to do in Nottingham when your dead and Historic bits and bobs etc. Till then it's back to the painting desk.


  1. cheers for the recce Ian, all looks great

  2. Good report Ian, looking and sounding good!

  3. Hey - I was there in March this year. Wonderful shop - did you see Napoleon Crossing the Alps in the bathroom. Dean

  4. Your doing some great work lads and thanks for the looksee of preparations and location, best of luck.

  5. This is pretty awesome - I wish I could wisk myself across The Pond to hang-out with you guys.