Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Mantic Games

I told you before about my plans to have a table full of rules for you to read and review, well I am happy to say if you have ever wanted to check out the Mantic rules systems you will have the chance at Blog-Con. Below is a bit of the email I recieved from James at Mantic.

""Blog-Con is being hosted at Foundry this year huh? Well I'm sure we can send some starter sets and rules for Kings of War, Warpath and DreadBall over to you in preperation for the event - some of us will likely pop over for the weekend too (as it's only down the road from us at Mantic) so maybe we'll see folks playing our games! ""

This is such great news and I hope the start of what will be a great table of product for you to enjoy over the weekend.
If will be great to see some of the guys from Mantic down for the weekend too, I am sure some of you will have great questions to ask them.

Peace James



  1. Those guys at Mantic sure are good fellows supplying those starter sets and rules


  2. The news keeps getting better and better!