Thursday, 4 July 2013

More information on Games

I thought it would be a good idea to clear up a few things about games for Blog-Con, we want to see anything and everything. Skirmish games will be the easiest to transport and put on but if people want to bring a large game we have the space it could be 6mm, 10mm, 15mm, 28mm, or even 40mm or 54mm if you love the game and are happy to bring it along then go for it. My thoughts for the Sunday was for it to be more of a gaming day as those doing both days will have talked them selves horse on Sat so will want to relax kick back and game on Sunday also those that have a way to travel may want to slope off early.

One game I would love to see played is the X-wing game, would it not be mega cool if anyone who has figures brought them along and we had a mass (and I mean mass, think attack on the death star....dam I've just had another idea) game.
Also do not stop at miniatures games if you have a great board game bring it along, even trading card games.
 A bit of google-fu has found a couple of pictures of the foundry so you can get an idea of the space, I am going on a recce soon so will take pictures of important stuff like nearest eating house and parking, nearest pub.... you get the idea.



  1. Nearest pub is almost within falling distance!


  2. I'm torn between running a game of Rogue Trader or taking the easy route and running a board game. I will no how much time I have once all my stuff is ready for the Oldhammer Weekend at the Foundry in August.