Friday, 19 July 2013

Road Trip? by the Blog Con Gimp

Yahoo I am setting out for my first trip to Blog-Con in the morning, .......What do you mean I'm too early? No really I am going and it's just for you. The poor wife and kids think we are nipping over for the food fair but I have a cunning plan.

I realise that for most of us this event is a long way off and in almost every way they are right. I mean look at the counter, it's still over 100 days away and that's a lot of days. Err unless your Napoleon for one, believe me when I say it will be here before you know it. It's just over six weeks till the kids are back at school (45 odd days) that's almost cut the wait in half on it's own. Then The Worlds will be on us, that's September dealt with and no one remembers October so as soon as you have stopped having to put up with fireworks, put your gate back on at the end of the drive 'cos you don't even know what candy is it will  be a made scramble to get enough brownie points to get a pass out for the Bog One. So my advice is start grovelling now, it's never to early, just remember to have the pass written out just requiring a signature. I know Posties Rejects are hard at it already.

Of course you could bring the love of your life along, but if they can't make it I suggest the wife. Nottingham has a lot to offer and that's one of the reasons for the trip, I want to get a better idea of exactly how far it is to the city centre and all the obvious things like on site parking and ease of finding Foundry HQ.

Nottingham has a fair priced park and ride with a fair few parking locations so you can take the tram in leaving you car at one of the many car parks. Not that Nottingham just has shops to entertain, it has a few places on interest and if you do decide to make a weekend of it with your dearest then staying local'ish can be cheap and one day at the Con and one day visiting the area is a good trade off. Visiting the Con for two days is far better though.

So after the recon I hope to supply a few photo's and lots of information that will help you decide that doing THAT job around the house is worth doing after all.


  1. Have a good recce tomorrow looking forward to the pictures

  2. On site parking is practically Nil, Ian a few on street meters in front of the factory from memory.

  3. Good ramble Ian, remember we need good info.

  4. Bring the wife with me???? No fecking chance!

  5. @ James, well only a short time to wait...

    @ Andrew, and it's very expensive but penty of cheap options

    @ Fran, Oh I will have a run down on all the important stuff (Pubs takeaways etc) in a future post

    @ Ray, LOL, I might just do that but not to shop oh no