Friday, 30 August 2013

Exiles Table Top face painting workshop

Well I have out together 5 participation games for the Saturday and another one added for the Sunday it was time to turn to some workshop/demos.
We already have Loki, who I hope you all know by now runs the excellent Terra Firma Studios doing a workshop. Having spoken to him about it I think he is leaning towards tips and skills to make your figure base's pop. This gave me an idea as I am a firm believer that to create a stunning wargames army you have to put extra effort into two areas the face and the base. As we have Loki helping you with the bases I am happy to announce that one of the fine painters from Viking Studio is going to do a work shop on easy table top face painting.
If you are not aware that fine painter is me (I know how modest am I).



Thursday, 22 August 2013

The Man With No Name - challenge

Well the clock is ticking down to Blog-Con. I am working on a few potential scenarios
Will you be able to beat the brooding stranger?

(AKA - "A fist full of action cards")

Perhaps you might try to make a withdrawal at the Bank - unauthorised of course..

Perhaps try and skip town on the train?

Just don't let the cows out.....

There are a  few recent extra addition to collection - "Roosters evil twin" courtesy for Mr Awdry

Look forward to seeing you there.

Friday, 16 August 2013

BattleTech Game and Call to Arms

So it looks like my plans for a play over Internet game of AWI will have to wait till next year as the Internet connection is not great (I will go back to the drawing board and maybe think about facetime or such as most have smart phones now)
Anyway this leaves me free to run another game and I wanted to return to one of my big loves as a teenager, BattleTech. I recently bought the anniversary box set which has all you need for a basic game. I will get some of the miniatures painted up and anyone who has ever wanted to try the game can do so with me at Blog-Con.

I am working on a few people to commit themselves to bring a game along as it is getting closer to the event now and as of now I only have the great looking Cowboy game and my Battletech confirmed. Can I ask that if you can bring along a game for the weekend or just a day let me know what game it is and any requirements you may need, the success of this weekend is all down to us bloggers and people getting involved.
Secondly we are trying to keep the weekend free but we are facing a few expences so if you feel you can free a few pounds please donate via the button on the right. When the event is over any excess moneys will be added to the Bloggers for Charity money.
Thanks for taking your time to read this post now feel free to share and generate as much buzz as possible about Blog-Con the more buzz we can generate the more companies and gamers will look at us as a great thing to get involved with, Blog-Con lives or dies with all us Bloggers.