Saturday, 14 September 2013

Mr Roundwood would like some assistance.

Hi folks, this is just a short post I have received a request From Sidney Roundwood asking if any body is travelling up to the event via North London by car and could offer him a lift in exchange for some petrol money.

If so please contact him via his Google+ profile or post a message on this post and I am sure contact can be made.

Thank you for your time folks

Thursday, 12 September 2013

The Oldhammers get involved

I had some great news this week the boys from the Oldhammer movement who had a fantastic weekend at Foundry at the end of last month are coming back for seconds.
I got the following message from WarlordPaul

""Hi all! I have organised a small group of Oldhammerers to come to the Saturday of Blog-Con. We would like to run a participation game of Warhammer 3rd edition if that's OK""

Is it OK....hell yes I was so gutted that I double booked the Oldhammer weekend as I was so looking forward to meeting the guys, now I can do so anyway.
image from Foundry Arenas Facebook page.

The Oldhammer boys had a few special guests at there weekend which is some thing I am thinking about for future Blog-Con's

Saturday, 7 September 2013

James making a mess :)

I was playing around with Google plus last night and set up an event for Blog-Con but when it came up it was the same as the FB page from Foundry. I did not see a need for two sign up lists so canceled it.
Fran just sent me a meassage to say he had a message that Blog-Con was canceled.

Blog-Con is still on ignore any message from Google+


Monday, 2 September 2013

Please Spread the word on Facebook

Wargames Foundry have set up a Facebook page for events there, if you are on FB pop along and like the page.

Then on the page is our event so if you will be attending indicate on there for us and share with all your friends.