Saturday, 19 October 2013

Blog-Con Bar and Hot-dogs

It was not something I was going to go for (as I am tea total) but via Facebook Diane and Bryan Ansell asked if we wanted a Bar at the Blog-Con weekend. By all reports the bar was well received at the Oldhammer weekend and with Diane and Bryan offering to cover any costs for a licence I accepted the kind offer.
So for the weekend their will now be a licenced bar and hot-dogs available.(below pictures from the Foundry website of the Oldhammer weekend)
The Bar and Staff that worked over the Oldhammer weekend.

Foundry's own Bouncers
(actually this is Bryan and Robert)


  1. There goes the neighbourhood LOL


  2. I may need a shot of "red eye" !

  3. What a great idea and very nice of the chaps too