Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Help yourself Games?

I am in the last few mad weeks of planning for Blog-Con and while I am overwhelmed by the amount of you who have stepped up to run games over the weekend I feel I can do a little more. I have two starter sets for X-wings and will have enough Ronin for two starter gangs (I may even dig out a few more old games I have). If I were to set up starter games for various systems (as we have the space) with all the information needed to play on a handout sheet (with quick ref sheets for game mechanics). Would you guys be interested enough to try them out? just grab a passing blogger or bring a friend and try out a new game.
And for your Information a list of the games being run over the weekend:
Musket & Tomahawk
The Man with no Name Challenge (Cowboys)
Chain of Command
WFB 3rd ED

Maybe if anyone else attending has smallish games like X-wing they would bring them along and we can set them up.

Peace James



  1. I can safely say that me and Fran will try them all! Even the fantasy ones!!!!!!!

  2. Re Chain of COmmand: the one I'm running (which I assume is the one you're meaning?) will hopefully be Home Guard vs Early War Germans, set in a little village called something-beginning-with-W on Sea. Please note, though, I'm only there on the Saturday.

    1. Yes that's the one, the Facebook thread seems to have gone but I remembered the game

  3. I plan to bring a few Euro's if I can pry them out of Cath's hands. That is unless Cath ends up coming along ;-)