Sunday, 29 December 2013

Spring Bloggers meet up

I have had a message from one of the former Colonies letting me know one of our ""hub"" bloggers is in the UK in the spring he was so impressed with all the piss taking  intellectual conversation good honest fun that was seen at Blogcon so had asked about the chance of a meet up. At the moment we do not have firm dates but we are looking at end of April start of May 2014.
I am not looking at a huge event more of a social gathering with a chance to set up a game or two, I was looking at a few options that would involve accommodation with space to play either a rented weekend cottage or a travel lodge with conference room, as for location we are looking around the M1 corridor (I know this is even further south than Blogcon for you up north) but with the option of accommodation I think it could be worth a trip down (don't forget your passport ). My early idea would be for those that have a bit of travel to do to stay where ever we end up while local bloggers can come up for a day and join the fun.
It we look at the cottage option it would be booked Fri/Sat/Sun and cost up to £80 (without food/drink) or a travel lodge would be about £40/night would haev to enquire how much a confrence room would be. Game wise we would be looking at stuff like Dave's Blazing Dice (he has already offered).
anyway anyone who would be interested in a spring meet up let me know plus let me know if you would be looking for stay over or day trip ( I will be looking at places within 2-3 hour of London)

Peace James