Saturday, 25 October 2014

No Meet

For a while it looked as if 29 Nov would be a chance to meet, but despite the promise of games from Tamsin and Sydney Roundwood, not enough people indicated that they might be able to make it.  With only four names, I don't think it worth booking a hall.

I'll try again after Christmas, unless someone in another part of the country wants to give it a go then.

Monday, 13 October 2014

Last Minute Push!

OK, I'm sorry, I've dropped the ball on this one...

I fear if we're going to meet we'll have to decide something this week.  I therefore need you to tell me if you can make the following dates in Cambridge and if you can bring a game.

  • 15 Nov - Attendance 2.  Game: 0
  • 22 Nov - Attendance 3.  Game: 1 (Sydney Roundwood)
  • 29 Nov - Attendance 4.  Game: 2 (Sydney Roundwood; Tamsin)

Please leave a comment saying what you can do.  You can also e-mail me at diplomatist2 AT gmail DOT com.  I'll keep the poll updated until a decision has been reached.

I think if I can get at least eight of us and one game for a given date I will go ahead.  Otherwise, I suggest we try again after Christmas.

Thursday, 25 September 2014

BlogCon 3 - Venue and Dates

I think I've got to a stage with a venue where we can talk about dates and numbers.


Despite trying to find a venue that was an attraction in itself (I think we would have all liked to have gone the the IWM at Duxford!), I think practicalities of cost have ruled this out.  I also think we really just want somewhere convenient to meet, socialise and play a few games.

The Newnham Croft Scout Centre is about 10 mins walk from the centre of Cambridge (it's also about 10 mins walk from the railway station, which is in a different direction).  The postcode is CB3 9JF for those who want to check it out on Google Maps, etc.

It's been used as a venue in the past by one of the wargaming groups in the city and appears to have decent facilities - parking, a small kitchen, etc.  There's a pub round the corner that does decent lunches and a couple of shops.


I have options on the following dates (Saturdays, 11am-5pm).  I'd like votes on them as soon as possible so we can make a booking!

  • 25 October,
  • 15 November
  • 22 November
  • 29November


What's been suggested is that we have two tabletop games running and perhaps some boardgames.  Any volunteers?

Bring & Buy/Swop Shop

This seems to be a popular idea - bring your lead!

Thursday, 11 September 2014


Thank you for the comments on yesterday's post - I'm keen to see more if we're going to get this right.


I suspected that Norwich would be a problem - I'm painfully aware of the difficulties involved in getting in and out of the city!

I shall continue to explore other, most westerly, options - focusing first on Cambridge and then on Peterborough. If you know of any good venues in either city, please let me know.  A well-known Imperial War Museum has just quoted me £750.00 for room hire, so I'm concentrating on game stores and scout huts!

I offered to help arrange Blog-Con3 because of the real possibility that it wouldn't happen otherwise.  I'm based in the East of England and it's not practical for me to try and plan something further afield.  However, Blog-Con is a movable feast.  If  you have ideas of good venues in the midlands, south west or anywhere else, save them up - they may come in useful for Blog-Con4 or 5!

So the next question:-
Would you attend in Cambridge?

  • Yes 
  • No
Bring & Buy/Swop-Shop

This would depend on the venue - if a shop, I imagine they wouldn't be too keen...

Wednesday, 10 September 2014

"Gentlemen, We Are at Def-Con 3!"

Actually gentlemen (and ladies, boys and girls), it's Blog-Con III: Blog-Con Comes South

Following Dave's last message, I've offered to do a bit of coordinating for the Autumn meet.  It seems to me that it's in the spirit of the Blog-Con idea that it doesn't become the responsibility of any one person, but that we rotate that burden as the venue rotates...

You will answer promptly
and with the right answers!

As we've only got a short time if we're going to go ahead in October or November I'm going to have to get a hustle on.  I'm going to ask some questions now, and when it comes to booking the venue.  It would help very much if you would put your answers and comments either in the comment's section or e-mailed to me at diplomatist2  AT gmail DOT com.

Norwich - We Dew Things Diffrent...

For ease of admin it would be helpful to me if we could meet in Norwich

  1. I would love to come to Norwich - it's a Fine City!
  2. Hmm, Norwich is a little difficult to get to (and they're funny out that way...)
  3. Good God!  Anywhere but Norwich
  4. How about Cambridge/Peterborough/Stamford?
My comment - Don't underestimate the advantage of feet on the ground and local knowledge.  Norwich would enable me to sort out venues and any problems much easier than anywhere else.

What kind of venue would you like to see?
  1. Something that is part of  'an attraction'
  2. Somewhere with a decent amount of space and facilities, like a church or scout hall
  3. Whatever, but it needs to be easily found, near shops and preferably near a good pub with decent food and drink.
I have a place in mind that is a combo of 2 & 3...

Will You Come?
  1. All things being equal, yes.
  2. Perhaps, if we can move the venue.
  3. I'd like to, but not this time.
It would be a great help to have an indication of numbers, even if  at this stage they are uncertain ones. 

Can You Bring/Run a Game?
  1. Yes 
  2. No
  3. Perhaps...
If you can put a game on, please let me know what it would be, what kind of space you need, etc

Would You Like to See a Bring&Buy Element?
  1. Yes
  2. No
  3. Don't care
Please comment on this post - it will help shape the meet!

Saturday, 6 September 2014

Time Thief

It seems the time thief has shown up, I now have a number of other commitments on the go over the rest of this year and can't commit to organising a Blog Con meet up at the moment. So if any of you fine people want to take on the mantle just let me know and I will give you access to the blog pages etc.

Monday, 30 June 2014

Autumn meet up...

Ok short and sweet.

How does October the 18th sound?

Venue down South ...or Midlands..

Leave your comments!

Sunday, 4 May 2014

Catching up with Old Friends and. New

A great day was had at the. Spring Blog Con.. Or perhaps BC2.

Amazing how a bunch of like minded guys soon gel together and have a laugh. Role on BC3.

Tuesday, 29 April 2014

It's this weekend!

The Spring Blog Con meet up is upon us this weekend. The venue is the VC Room at the Yorkshire Air Museum.. Entry is from 10.30 until 4.30. I have left the list of people who have responded with the YAM staff. This will ensure you get in for free on the day (upto a max of 16 people) - so if you name is not down with me , get your wallet  out.The museum is located on the eastern outskirts of York. Sat Nav postcode is YO41 4AU

Traveling from the A1/M1 or A19 , head towards York, then as you approach the York Outer Bypass/A64 follow the brown Air Museum signs.down oto the B1228 - 2 miles later you are there.


There is parking on site for upto 350 cars, free wifi , and catering at the NAAFI cafe.

There is a bus service from the train station leaves at 11.05 , or a taxi is around £14.00 . i have dropped out an email to those currently registered as coming - so if you interested use the contact me button, or the face/twit page!

Saturday, 15 March 2014

Spring Blog-CON - May 3rd - Yorkshire Air Museum

Hi all. I have a venue sorted for a social meet up. The Yorkshire Air Museum just outside the historic city of York. We have a small private room for a meet up - it can hold up to 16 , and you will also get admission to the museum for the day. There are transport links to and from York railway station.

Based on the former site of RAF Elvington which has some of the best preserved bomber base buildings and has some fine exhibits. Its also the site of the The Allied Air Forces Memorial.

I will take my cowboy game along for some entertainment if you wish.

Once I have some numbers confirmed we can arrange a social for the evening in York.

York is wonderful city to explore with wealth of history from the Romans and Viking era's to the city walls and York Minster. Visit York Tourism

There are of course rumours that we may have some "colonials" in attendance too...

I have updated the facebook page as well.

If you are interest please reply ! I have a maximum of 16 "official" places that i need to notify the museum of a week before.

Confirmed attendees so far

DaveD - One Man and his Brushes

AndrewS - Lokis Great Hall

KevH - Kevs Wargames Cabin

CurtC - Analogue Hobbies

SidneyR - Roundwoods World

GaryA - Happy Valley

PhilH - Diary of a gaming Magpie

IanW - The Blog with no Name

LeeS - Lead Mountain

And another couple of chaps coming along


Saturday, 22 February 2014

A Spring meet up - planning commences

Planning has started for spring meet up of fellow bloggers , and of course anyone else who wants to meet up with us. It is looking like the 3rd of May is on the cards and I hope to have an update with a venue over the next week .

So keep an eye open for a update.

Friday, 24 January 2014

Better to burn out

The famous quote goes its better to burn out than fade away...

Well in the last 12-13 months I have given my all to the hobby and blogosphere, and I am burnt out. I have enjoyed all the ideas I came up with and Blog-Con 2013 was great but I find myself at the same point now as I was before I started all this in a job I hate and alone in my hobby (although I do have alot more painted figures) it is time I grew up and started to think about a career (they say life begins at 40).
I am continuing with BfC as Loki and I put alot of sweat into that project and I want to see it through, but I will not be organising any Blog-con this year or maintaining the Community Currency web ring. If anyone wants to take over anything let me know I will leave this blog going for another month and if no one wants to take up the running I will delete it.
I thank you all for the last year and a bit and for making me feel part of a great community but I have to call it as I see it. My Dad moves closer to me soon so hopefully I will get some gaming done then but for now its just me and my painting table.
I will be at a few shows this year so hope to catch up with some of you then, for now I will be busy sorting BfC and putting my non hobby life in order.
I hope one of you feels you can take over blog-con because I still think it is a very good idea.

Peace James