Friday, 24 January 2014

Better to burn out

The famous quote goes its better to burn out than fade away...

Well in the last 12-13 months I have given my all to the hobby and blogosphere, and I am burnt out. I have enjoyed all the ideas I came up with and Blog-Con 2013 was great but I find myself at the same point now as I was before I started all this in a job I hate and alone in my hobby (although I do have alot more painted figures) it is time I grew up and started to think about a career (they say life begins at 40).
I am continuing with BfC as Loki and I put alot of sweat into that project and I want to see it through, but I will not be organising any Blog-con this year or maintaining the Community Currency web ring. If anyone wants to take over anything let me know I will leave this blog going for another month and if no one wants to take up the running I will delete it.
I thank you all for the last year and a bit and for making me feel part of a great community but I have to call it as I see it. My Dad moves closer to me soon so hopefully I will get some gaming done then but for now its just me and my painting table.
I will be at a few shows this year so hope to catch up with some of you then, for now I will be busy sorting BfC and putting my non hobby life in order.
I hope one of you feels you can take over blog-con because I still think it is a very good idea.

Peace James