Friday, 24 January 2014

Better to burn out

The famous quote goes its better to burn out than fade away...

Well in the last 12-13 months I have given my all to the hobby and blogosphere, and I am burnt out. I have enjoyed all the ideas I came up with and Blog-Con 2013 was great but I find myself at the same point now as I was before I started all this in a job I hate and alone in my hobby (although I do have alot more painted figures) it is time I grew up and started to think about a career (they say life begins at 40).
I am continuing with BfC as Loki and I put alot of sweat into that project and I want to see it through, but I will not be organising any Blog-con this year or maintaining the Community Currency web ring. If anyone wants to take over anything let me know I will leave this blog going for another month and if no one wants to take up the running I will delete it.
I thank you all for the last year and a bit and for making me feel part of a great community but I have to call it as I see it. My Dad moves closer to me soon so hopefully I will get some gaming done then but for now its just me and my painting table.
I will be at a few shows this year so hope to catch up with some of you then, for now I will be busy sorting BfC and putting my non hobby life in order.
I hope one of you feels you can take over blog-con because I still think it is a very good idea.

Peace James


  1. Well that was a sad read and I'm afraid I can't offer any solace. I understand what you're saying and there are probably a good few of us who have been through something similar.

    There'll no doubt be a good few comments on this and sage advice, but, although I can give the benefit of experience, I can't think of anything to say that doesn't sound to me as though I'm being patronising, so I won't.

    Take it steady.

  2. Sad news indeed James, but you must do what you need to do.

    It's great your Dad is moving closer and you will have more opportunities to game with him (and all the other things you will be getting up to as well.
    I am thinking you have laid down great foundations with with Blog-Con so I really don't want to see it wither so I am happy to carry on the good work. First though I need to discuss it with Cath and get my ticket of leave ;-)

    So give me the weekend and hopefully we will have a base to work from.

    Take care of yourself mate


  3. I can understand the burn out. I tend to go through phases of loving the hobby and packing it all away for a year or two. Thanks for all the hard work you've put in this year and all the best with the real-life stuff!

  4. This is very understandable and I think something we have all been or are going through at one point in our lives, so very good luck with that.

    As for BlogCon I think it is an amazing idea and I enjoyed it greatly and would be sad to see it go too, but I am fully committed to organising four to five large show games this year and would be unable to organise this on top of them, but I am willing to help in any small way.

  5. Sad to read but completely understandable. Life/work/family can play havoc with hobby time, and few of us have the luxury of devoting vast amounts of time to any one aspect (except work of course). I'm cutting back a little this year as well because of work commitments..its just the way things go.

    Having said that I think you should be imensely proud of what you have achieved over the past year. Blog-con was a triumph and Bloggers for Charity is an inspired idea and a great legacy. I hope you feel like you have made many friends in the gaming community (because you have) and I hope we get to meet up at future shows and events.

  6. Sad to read, but having been in this position a few times fully understandable. You have to do what is right for you no matter how hard that may seem.

  7. do what you gotta do. Been there done it - took 11 years for me to come to will enjoy the break anyway. There are a number of us happy to keep the Blog Con idea afloat..

  8. I did tell you JB, we can only do so much, been there myself and I don't want to go back there.
    You have friends on here and you are part of the blogosphere community.

  9. Hope the break does you good James and you get the work situation sorted out.

    There will definitely be some retro fantasy/sci-fi gamers at the next blogcon and I'm happy to help chip in with any organising.

  10. I'm 44 and understand. Think about career as well and how it plas against my hobby.

    I was most sorry when I read this part, "and alone in my hobby". You have friends here, but it no the same as the real thing...or maybe I don't understand what you're saying.

    Good luck in figuring things out. You have a great drive and ideas I build a community. These are skills that I would think can cross-over to the real world.

  11. If I may make one suggestion, do not delete the blog. You've had a great idea and somebody may come along who wants to take up the reins. If you delete the blog then you delete everything you created. My two cents.

    Good luck in all your endeavors. You've been an inspiration to us all.