Thursday, 11 September 2014


Thank you for the comments on yesterday's post - I'm keen to see more if we're going to get this right.


I suspected that Norwich would be a problem - I'm painfully aware of the difficulties involved in getting in and out of the city!

I shall continue to explore other, most westerly, options - focusing first on Cambridge and then on Peterborough. If you know of any good venues in either city, please let me know.  A well-known Imperial War Museum has just quoted me £750.00 for room hire, so I'm concentrating on game stores and scout huts!

I offered to help arrange Blog-Con3 because of the real possibility that it wouldn't happen otherwise.  I'm based in the East of England and it's not practical for me to try and plan something further afield.  However, Blog-Con is a movable feast.  If  you have ideas of good venues in the midlands, south west or anywhere else, save them up - they may come in useful for Blog-Con4 or 5!

So the next question:-
Would you attend in Cambridge?

  • Yes 
  • No
Bring & Buy/Swop-Shop

This would depend on the venue - if a shop, I imagine they wouldn't be too keen...


  1. Cambridge is ok for me... Just date dependant...

    Bring out your lead!!! He'll yes.

  2. I have a number of gamer friends in Cambridge, so I will ask around and see if they know of anything good

  3. Cambridge is a much better option for me, much more viable for a day-trip visit. I'm ambivalent about a shop or b&b... for me the day is about the games and meeting people.

  4. Well done for stepping up and organising BC3. I would do Cambridge for sure. Peterborough would actually be more perfect still but either way I'll come.

  5. Date dependent (and fatigue permitting), Cambridge is fine for me.

  6. Hi Edwin. Peterborough and Cambridge are both a "yes" for me (date permitting).

    As regards venues in Peterborough, the chap who may well be able to assist is Mike Whitaker ("Trouble at t'Mill" blog). He's with the Peterborough Wargames Club and will be sure to know a venue in the town.